T-TECH develops turnkey solutions for clients in the transportation sector encompassing fleet management, communication and business process management, as well as facility security and management.
With the advent of GPS location information and satellite communication technology, transportation companies were among the first to realize the potential of these technologies in increasing productivity, efficiency and asset protection. Our solutions make full utilization of the new communication and tracking technologies to give you full control and visibility over your fleet.

Specific Solutions for Transportation

Fleet Management T-TECH offers transportation companies advanced, easy to implement and use tracking, control and communication systems. Our solutions enable these companies to communication with each truck driver, pinpoint its location, and give necessary guidance and directions for minimizing time of delivery and maximizing profit.

Our fleet management solutions include remote cargo monitoring for protection of the cargo, remote ignition control to stop the vehicle in case of theft, and other features for that ultimately protect your assets while enabling easy management of the fleet.
Some of the functionalities of our Solutions are:
     • Asset and sensor monitoring and control
     • Text Messaging
     • Vehicle & Driver performance
     • Cargo Monitoring
     • Vehicle Telemetry
     • Fleet Management
     • Driver safety
     • Vehicle data collection

The traditional communication system in transportation companies has been VHF or HF radios.
T-TECH carries a complete line of radio communication equipment for vehicles and the operator at the control center.
We also provide advanced communication units that use existing cellular networks, or when not present, use Iridium and Inmarsat satellite constellations for high quality voice and data communication between fleet vehicles and the control center. These units are able to communicate with landline and mobile phones as well. Such versatility give the driver the assurance that connection is guaranteed even at the most remote locations in the world.

General Solutions
T-TECH presents custom designed ICT solutions and services to help transportation companies run their business smoothly and securely. From internal communication and data rooms, to inventory management and mobile computing, to facility security systems, and public announcement for company parking lots, T-TECH can help you achieve your business goals with a high ROI.

     • Broadband (VSAT) networks
     • Wireless Networks
     • Wired Networks
     • Network Security
     • Data Center
     • Information Systems

     • Mobile VSAT Solutions
     • IPBX and VoIP
     • Videoconferencing
     • Radio Communication

Safety & Security
     • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
     • Access Control
     • Fire Alarm Systems
     • Public Announcement & PAGA

Business Management
     • Employee Attendance Tracking
     • Inventory Management